How many weeks in a year

there are 52 weeks in a year <3
here with Wayne. Wayne, tell me, what areyou using PRM for?For a diabetic sore on the inside of my leg
and also for a Meniere’s disease. My rightear, I was having dizziness, sickness, vomiting…and
I began to use it and with the ear it tookabout two weeks to a month before it finally
cleared up and I haven’t been sick now inmonths.That’s great! And how long have you had the
Meniere’s symptoms?Meniere’s, I had it, let’s see. For several
months I’ve been going to the doctor herein Casper and I went to a doctor in Cheyenne
twice, and hearing tests, etc. and finallyonce
I’ve found the PRM, it started to open upmy ears. I’d use Wally’s ear-drops and I’d
use several different things and none of themhad worked.How did you decide to put it in your ear?I just…One day I decided, rather than..I
can’t put it in, so I decided I just put roundthe back because I felt pressure here behind
the ear, down here to the tonsils. And I startedapplying it there on my ear, and about 2 weeks,
it started feeling better. I was no longersick and by the end of the month it stayed
open and hasn’t locked up anymore.So you actually just put it on the outside,
not on the inside.On the outside.That’s great! So tell me about your Diabetes
sore. How long have you had Diabetes?Diabetes, I’ve had for quite a few years,
about 12, 15 years.And so you had a sore on the outside of your
leg. Tell us about that!Well, I went to the hospital with that one.
It got infected and entered my blood system.It too somewhere around 4 days taking IVs
every 12 hours. And it knock it out, it stilltook about three months before the sores healed
up. I got a sore, a year and a half or soago, and it was an open sore for over a year
on the inside of my leg. The last time I sawmy doctor he said it looked like Nitro was
winning. The sore is not gonna close. AndI started putting PRM on it and within 2 weeks
it started drying up and it took about a monthand closed up and it hasn’t been open. I used
the PRM on it for about three months and Ihaven’t used it since. It’s still closed.That’s great! So what would you tell other
people with Diabetes sores.Try it! It heals up the open sore! I don;t
know how and why but I know it worked!That’s great! Thank you so much Wayne!You’re welcome!
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